12 Health Benefits of Eating an Apple a Day

Boosts your Hair Growth


Everyone desires long, healthy, and lustrous locks. Due to the plethora of vitamins and minerals, apples enhance the growth of human hair and other numerous benefits. Among the many fruits, apples are among the hair boosters. Biotin and vitamin C are both useful for hair and nail growth.

Research proof that biotin does not only boost hair growth but also infuse strength and thickness. Procyanidin B-2 also boosts growth and thickening. Also, vitamin C is a raw material for collagen that gives the skin its waterproof capability.

Grab your apple today and enjoy the benefits explained above. Who knows, it might be a solution to a hidden problem that your body is experiencing. Whether it is fresh from the grocery, in juice form or an apple sauce, feel free to enjoy your apple. The benefits are immense, and you do not want to miss them. Remember, an apple every day will keep your doctor away.