15 Health Benefits of Eating Avocado Every Day


Avocado is a great source of fatty acids, vitamins, mineral, and fiber. It is a really interesting food, nutritious and healthy. It is green in color and contains approximately 138 calories. Besides being delicious, it is very versatile in the kitchen, so it can be prepared in different ways.

Due to its healthy fats, avocado can be a particularly suitable food to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and to lose weight. This fruit contains fats, but healthy ones. It is also excellent for cardioprotective diets aimed at reducing “bad” cholesterol and for people suffering from obesity.

Some studies have shown that eating one avocado every day reduces levels of bad cholesterol. It also helps take care of heart health.  

It can also help to reduce the most serious cardiovascular diseases (e.g. strokes or heart attacks) by 30%. Let’s have a look at its top 15 benefits: