20 Benefits of Eating a Banana Every Day


Once upon a time, someone gave banana’s a bad reputation; ‘they’re high in sugar’, ‘they’re bad for diabetes’, ‘they’re boring’, blah blah blah…

Well, we’re here to rewrite the PR on bananas, to show that eating a banana every day (in any form) is a fantastic addition to your diet, body, and mind. Aside from the fact that they’re simply delicious!

Here are 20 reasons (and 3 recipes!) to help convert you into an ‘eating banana everyday’ believer!

An immunity booster

Vitamin C is associated with the immune system due to its role in white blood cell production, and your average banana contains 11% RDI of this warrior vitamin! Taking vitamin C supplements is an effective, but costly, way to ward against vitamin deficiency.

A banana every morning is an effective alternative to maintain healthy vitamin C levels, so even if the flu does strike you’ll be in peak health for a speedy recovery!