20 Simple Habbits that can help you live twice as long

live long

You may not want to live forever, but there’s no harm in living a long and fulfilling life! The truth of the matter is that what you do today does affect your years to come, and so sticking to these 20 simple habits is an easy way to make sure you live happily, you live healthy, and you live long into the future. Give yourself a chance to see 2100 by trying out these everyday lifestyle changes.

Cut down on alcohol

Not only will cutting down on alcohol increase your lifespan, it’ll also mean you remember more of it! Drinking in excess leads to a whole host of health issues, ranging from cirrhosis to cancer, and these diagnoses don’t even touch upon the accident’s alcohol disinhibition can lead to. Alcohol can have some benefits- namely thinning the blood which can prevent strokes-, so doctors recommend sticking to suggested weekly intake levels.