20 Tips To Improve Your Immunity

The immune system is a guardian angel of our body. It keeps all of the infections and diseases away, ensuring we won’t get sick after every contact we made with bacterias. The immune system has thousands of components, which shape the quality of response. The immune system of everybody has the same components and structure. Despite that, one may have a stronger immune system than the other. Assuming that you do not have immunodeficiency syndrome, there are a few ways to boost up work of your immune system.  

Don’t smoke

Smoking actively affects your immune system, making immune response less successful. Having a direct impact on the quality of work of immune system cells or its quantity, nicotine, and other harmful substances found in cigarettes makes you more prone to infections.


While at first, it may not seem like a big deal, cessation of smoking can prevent you from getting sick for flu or even developing a cancer, since the immune system fights all of the pathological conditions in our body, and quitting this deadly habit helps to support it.