Couple Raise Over A Million Naira In 24 Hours In This Amazing Twitter Tale

Nigeria hospital

At about 11:26 am on the 2nd of December 2019, a man named Biggy Nony on twitter tweeted that he needed help as his wife was stuck in the hospital after a successful cesarean section since November 6th, 2019, and was not allowed to leave the hospital, owing to unpaid bills amounting up to 180,000 naira. 

According to him, they had not planned that she would deliver through this method, as the natural method of delivery was relatively cheaper, but complications happened, hence the delivery method. At the time he was making that tweet, he was at wit’s end, and did not know what else he was going to do, so he came on twitter asking for help. 

nigeria hospital

He had earlier tweeted, that the tricycle he used a means of making a living had been involved in an accident, so there was no way he could pay their way out of the hospital, but one thing was sure…