Couple Raise Over A Million Naira In 24 Hours In This Amazing Twitter Tale

More people started seeing that they really need help

nigeria hospital

By 6:57 am 3rd December 2019, the money had gone up to a whopping 81,000 naira (170.04 pounds), at this point, his tweets, giving updates about the funds gotten were coming in quick successions, because the money was coming to his account in the same manner. Twitter was set ablaze with people who just wanted to get the man’s wife out of the hospital and back home to him. 

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It worked pretty well…

nigeria hospital

10:29 am, 3rd December 2019, the money for the hospital bill had been raised, and there was extra in the account, and at this time, Biggy Nony went to the hospital, cleared his bills and took his wife home with him.

Anyone at this point would have thought that since the problem had been solved, donations would stop coming in, and congratulations will be in order. This was not the issue, it was like a gate had been opened, and no one was willing to lock it. The donations kept coming in, and as usual, he was giving the tweeps updates on his account balance and the money coming in.


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