Couple Raise Over A Million Naira In 24 Hours In This Amazing Twitter Tale

People are still donating

nigeria hospital

At 12:19 pm December 3rd, 2019, he had gotten 204, 500 naira (429.29 pounds), which was almost double of the money he needed to get his wife out of the hospital. He came online to tweet about it, grateful. 

At 2:46 pm 3rd December 2019, he tweeted his account balance and the money had risen to 300,806 naira (631.46 pounds)

At 5:19 3rd December 2019, he had received a total sum of 388,000 naira (814.5 pounds), and after paying off the debt, he was left with 158,000 naira (331.68 pounds) which he accounted for online. The floodgates weren’t ready to be closed just yet as donations still came in droves.


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