Couple Raise Over A Million Naira In 24 Hours In This Amazing Twitter Tale

This is Viral!

nigeria hospital

The donations went up to 512, 800 naira (1076.49 pounds) at 6:44 pm 3rd December 2019. The day was not yet over, and this young family of three had already received half a million naira from people they had never met, people they might never meet in this lifetime. 

By 11:01pm 3rd December 2019, the money that had been donated to this man, who rode a tricycle for a living, who could not afford to take care of himself and his family, who could not afford to pay 180,000 naira (377.86 pounds) to get his wife out of the hospital after an operation, had risen up to a whooping sum of 780,000 naira (1637.4 pounds). 


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