What Are The 20 Healthiest Foods In The World?

20. Spinach


Spinach is the last food mentioned on the list: last, but not least. It is an excellent idea to consume spinach at least once a week, because it contains many necessary substances, for example a lot of vitamin C, K and A. Spinach is also a good source of folate, magnesium and iron.

Thanks to that, eating spinach improves condition of skin, hair and bones, it also helps to prevent some kinds of cancers and asthma. You can eat spinach row (gor example in a salad), fried or cooked: it is very tasty and healthy meal for every occasion.

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Eating top 20 healthy products mentioned above is a good way to be healthy and live long, but don’t forget about other things that are essential to stay fit. Exercise and walk a lot (at least 30 minutes every day), eat four or five light meals every day and avoid fat, unhealthy food, especially fast foods and sweet or very salty products.

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The best option to eat healthy is to cook your food by yourself, but if you don’t have enough time and decide to buy ready meals, choose good restaurants or shop with high quality dishes and always remember to check ingredients very carefully.

Remember: you are what you eat, so choosing the healthiest foods is extremely important.

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